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A knowledge sharing webinar, in association with GTC Scotland.

Developing remote learning and teaching methods

Teaching online can be a daunting challenge for any teacher. For this knowledge sharing webinar, Vscene joined GTC Scotland as we heard from colleagues across the Scottish education system on their experience teaching remotely during lockdown.

Hear about the systems which schools have implemented to enable remote learning and teaching
Learn what tools and techniques teachers have developed and used when teaching remotely
Hear their best practice hints and tips. Did their pedagogy change? Did they receive any training?
Learn about the guidance developed to support implementation.


Ronan Watson - Music Service Manager, North Ayrshire Council
Rosslyn Lee - Digital Skills Coordinator, North Ayrshire Council
Tracy Langley - Operational Lead For Remote Teaching for Shetland and Depute at e-sgoil
Donna Kirkwood-Emery - Curriculum Support Officer, East Ayrshire Council
Gary Neilson - Education ICT Co-ordinator, East Ayrshire Council
John Wilson - CEO, Ajenta

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